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Re: Image-source model with consideration of air absorption

Dear Emmanuel,

Thanks a lot for your information.
I found that Roomsim (http://media.uws.ac.uk/~campbell/Roomsim/) implemented this function. your Roomsimove cannot be found from the URL that you provided below. Could you check it again?

My another concern is what the Green function ï exp(jwd/(4*pi*d) ï in the free field should be when it is extended when considering the air absorption effect?

Do you have any idea? or references on this issue?
ïThough I believe it is a very easy question, I cannot find the answer, ....)

Thanks a lot again.



On 11/11/22, Emmanuel Vincent  <emmanuel.vincent@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Dear Junfeng,
> Roomsim (http://media.uws.ac.uk/~campbell/Roomsim/) as well as our command-line software Roomsimove (for moving sources)(http://www.irisa.fr/metiss/members/evincent/Roomsimove.zip) account for this.
> Emmanuel
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> On 11/22/2011 11:28 AM, Junfeng Li wrote:
> >Dear list,
> >
> >I am now considering to generate room impulse response (RIR) using the well-known image-source method. However, I found that the traditional image-source method only considered the absorption of enclosure surfaces, without the consideration of air absorption. However, the air absorption should be also an important factor which affect the simulated RIR.
> >
> >To reformulate the image-source method, the Green function ï exp(jwd/(4*pi*d) ï in the free field should be extended to that with the consideration of air absorption effect. I searched this problem for some days. However, I did not find any reference.
> >
> >Could anyone point some references on this issue or the (source code of) improved image-source method that implemented this idea?
> >
> >Thank you so much in advance.
> >
> >Best regards,
> >Junfeng