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Re: manipulation of voice onset time

It sounds like you want software that will allow morphing from one sound to another.


Recently from Marcelo Caetano:

Dear list,
my recently completed PhD thesis "Morphing Isolated Quasi-Harmonic Acoustic Musical Instrument Sounds Guided by Perceptually Motivated Features" is now available online here: http://recherche.ircam.fr/anasyn/caetano/caetano_morphing_musical_instrument_sounds.pdf
A brief overview of the underlying "sound morphing by feature interpolation" principle developed along with some sound examples can be found here:http://recherche.ircam.fr/anasyn/caetano/icassp2011.html
For those interested, more details about the work with more sound examples can be found here: http://recherche.ircam.fr/anasyn/caetano/overview.html
Feedback and comments are more than welcome.
Marcelo Caetano

On 2011, Dec 6, at 5:25 AM, Daniela Sammler wrote:


I am looking for a good a way to manipulate voice onset time in real speech, for example to create a continuum from "bear" to "pear".

So far, I spliced in aspiration noise between fricative and voice onset using PRAAT, but the result is not really satisfying.

Can anybody give advice?

Thank you very much!

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