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Workshop Invitation: Making Sense of Sounds - Reminder

As the EU SCANDLE project draws to a close we are organising a workshop and public talk to be held in Plymouth 20-21 February 2012.
You can find the call for participation below; everyone is welcome to attend what I hope will be a very stimulating and enjoyable event.

Participation is free, including the conference dinner, but numbers are limited. So please let us know if you are planning to come.
You can submit an abstract for a talk or poster if you wish, or just attend - whichever you wish, please email us.
Priority will be given those who are planning to present if we have too many applicants.
Also please let any of your students who may be interested know about this.

Please note the deadline is fast approaching!

Making Sense of Sounds

Workshop on Sounds and Sound Processing in Natural and Artificial Systems

20/21 February 2012, Plymouth UK

How much can we learn about what is going on in the world simply by listening?


Living organisms constantly generate sonic cues about their presence as they move and interact with the world around them. What can we tell about their behaviour or state of mind through the sounds they emit or modulate as they act and interact with the environment?

This workshop will discuss many aspects of sound processing, including sound perception in natural systems (humans and animals), the use of sounds to probe the environment (bio-sonar), computational modelling of auditory processing, and the development of bio-inspired real-time sound processing systems.

Submissions are invited that address, but are not restricted to, the following topics:

Listening in time
Listening in the real world
Listening to movement
Neural basis for auditory perception
Bio-inspired hardware devices and systems

Submissions may take the form of a talk, poster or demo; please indicate your preferred medium.


Abstract : 31 December 2011
Registration : 31 January 2012

Invited Speakers

Andreas Andreou (Johns Hopkins University)
Tjeerd Andringa (Groningen University)
Guy Brown (Sheffield University)
Maria Chait (Ear Institute, UCL)
Elisabetta Chicca (University of Bielefeld)
Susan Denham (Plymouth University)
Julio Georgiou (University of Cyprus)
Alexander Gutschalk (Heidelberg University)
Nicol Harper (Oxford University)
Georg Klump (Oldenburg University)
Katrin Krumbholz (MRC Institute of Hearing Research)
Maneesh Sahani (Gatsby Institute, UCL)
Thomas Wennekers (Plymouth University)
Istvan Winkler (Institute for Psychology, Hungary)

Conference venue will be the Plymouth Marine Aquarium http://www.national-aquarium.co.uk/
There will be a conference dinner at the Aquarium Feb the 20th, and a public evening talk at Feb 21 by Andreas Andreou: "Mind from matter; a journey through sound"

Participating in this workshop is free and there is some financial support for those students or postdocs needing it.

Abstracts (100-200 words) should be submitted by email to: scandleworkshop@xxxxxxxxx

Workshop websites with additional information:


Please send any further enquiries to Lucy Davies: lucy.davies4@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


This workshop is funded by the European Community through grant ICT-231168-SCANDLE --- "SCANDLE: acoustic SCene ANalysis for Detecting Living Entities"