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Re: 3DTVs Project: Researcher Position @ Ircam

Hello all,

please find here below another job offer related to the 3DTVS project.
Please don't hesitate to distribute to other interested parties.

Axel Roebel

Job Title

Researcher in source separation and localization for indexing of multi
channel audio  (3DTVs project)

Disponibility :  starting from January, 2012

Duration : 12 months (extension by up to 10 months possible)

Introduction to IRCAM

IRCAM is a leading non-profit organization associated to Centre
Pompidou, dedicated to music production, R&D and education in acoustics
and music. It hosts composers, researchers and students from many
countries cooperating in contemporary music production, scientific and
applied research. The main topics addressed in its R&D department
include acoustics, audio signal processing, computer music, interaction
technologies, musicology. Ircam is located in the centre of Paris near
the Centre Pompidou, at 1, Place Igor Stravinsky 75004 Paris.

Introduction to 3DTVs project

The goal of the 3DTVS project is to devise scalable 3DTV AV content
description, indexing, search and browsing methods across open
platforms, by using mobile and desktop user interfaces and to
incorporate such functionalities in 3D audiovisual content archives. 3D
multichannel audio analysis targets audio event detection based on
fusion techniques that combine the feature analysis performed in the
individual channels as well as source localization and source separation
algorithms for the detection of moving audio sources. The results will
be used in 3D audio/cross-modal indexing and retrieval. Multimodal 3D
audiovisual content analysis will built on the results of 3D video and
audio analysis. 3DTV content description and search mechanisms will be
developed to enable fast reply to semantic queries.

Role of IRCAM in the 3DTVs Project

IRCAM is in charge of the research and development of technologies
related to

-        Audio event detection using multi-channel audio scenes
-        Sound source separation, localization and identification

Position description

The hired researcher will be in charge of the development of
technologies related to sound source separation, localization in the
context of indexing of audio events in multi channel audio.  The
researchers will also collaborate with the development team and
participate in the project activities (evaluation, meetings,

Required Experiences and Skills

-       Excellent knowledge and experience with signal separation
algorithms especially from multi channel audio.

-       Excellent knowledge and experience in audio signal processing
(spectral analysis, audio-feature extraction, parameter estimation)

-       Experience in audio indexing and data mining;

-       Very proficient in Matlab programming, skills in C/C++ programming

-       Good knowledge of Linux, and/or MAC-OS environments

-       High productivity, capacity for methodical and autonomous work,
creativity, good communication skills, and excellent programming style.


According to background and experience


Please send an application letter together with your resume and any
suitable information addressing the above issues preferably by email to:

Axel Roebel
Head of the Analysis/Synthesis Team, IRCAM
Phone: ++33-1-4478 4845 | Fax: ++33-1-4478 1540