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Tinnitus list

Dear colleagues,

We started recently a new mailing list dedicated to tinnitus, the auditory perception which is not related to any acoustic stimulation. 

The "Tinnitus list" is a group of researchers and clinicians working or interested in tinnitus, and who want to discuss about it, ask questions and share information. In particular, the tinnitus list could be useful to promote collaborations between researchers and clinicians (transfer of ideas from the fundamental sciences to the more applied sciences, and vice versa), to discuss the designs of protocols, to debate about the concepts related to the origins of tinnitus, to discuss ideas about therapies...

If your are interested, simply answer this email and ask me to send you an invitation.


Arnaud Norena

Arnaud Norena
Université de Provence
Centre St Charles, Pôle 3C - Case B
3, Place Victor Hugo
F - 13331 Marseille Cedex 03
tel:  +33(0)
fax: +33(0)