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Re: Head mounted displays

Hi Pablo,

we use an nVis nVisor SX (resolution 1280 x 1024), which works very well. It is a little bit heavy, so longer experimental sessions are tedious for the subjects, especially if you are planning to have them moving around rather than using a chinrest.

The price tag is quite high for the nVisor SX, though. Be sure to check out the recent Sony HMZ-T1 targeted at the home cinema market - full HD resolution for only 800 €, but we did not yet have the opportunity to test it. It even has built in headphones, which might be a pro or a con...

One thing you should consider is that with the HMDs you will most likely need to use in-ear headphones. There will simply be not enough space to fit supra/circumaural types, at least that's the case for the nVisor SX.



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Head mounted displays

Date:    Thu, 2 Feb 2012 09:00:54 +0000
From:    Pablo Faundez Hoffmann <pfh@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Head mounted displays

Hi all,

In relation to audiovisual interaction experiments in virtual environments =
VE, I am starting to look into head mounted display options.=20
If members of this list have worked on visual VE I'd greatly appreciate you=
r comments and recommendation on head mounted displays. Thanks.

Best, Pablo

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