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Skilled DSP and or computational science persons for private initiave.

Hello list,

I am an audiovisual sound designer with a completely empirical approach to sound. I have some ideas for the development of software tools that could help automate, accelerate and improve tasks usual to the sound for image post production process that had not been yet addressed by the digital revolution.

The project would therefore consist in the faisability evaluation, design, development, testing, optimization and distribution / commercialization of a plug in or stand alone application for use in professional editing and mixing environments.

Lacking mathematical and computational knowledge I am starting to search partners with skills in those areas and possible interest in the project.

The research that could rise from the project can nurture or be nurtured from other audio investigation fields.

Not specific auditory knowledge is required although speech related studies would be a plus since dialogue is an important figure involved in audiovisual material.

Those that feel touched by my proposal can reach me at

diegomarti@xxxxxxxxx for further information.

Hoping not to be off topic.

Warm regards

Diego Martinez