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Audio post production working conditions in Argentina.

Hello list,

I take part of a group of audio post production workers from Argentina that is currently impulsing the legalization and recognition of our activity which is not acknowledged in the agreements that regulates cinema and TV employment.

We are currently starting to research legislation about sound or noise level exposition and the health qualification for works that somehow approach ours in terms of hazard exposition.

Our proposal will include details about working time, maximum sustained levels of exposition, rest periods during work time and between work days and other aspects.
We intend to bring valuable information to new workers in the audiovisual field about hearing care.

As an example, an dialog or sound effects editor or a mixer for cinema would be exposed 8 hours a day, 5 days a week to a monitoring level fixed at 85 dB SPL, C curve for average dialogue. Peaks, transients and even loud passages would easily go far that level to attain 100 or even 110dB SPL.
Any reference, legal or scientific would be precious and could help us to sustain our efforts to control our working conditions.
I would really appreciate any contribution in this matter.

Thanks for your time and attention.


Diego Martinez