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AW: Looking for a BÃkÃsy paper (192 8)

Dear Tamas,

I do not have the German original. But as you probably know, an English translation, by E. G. Wever, of that paper, "Vibratory Pattern of the Basilar Membrane", is included, on pages 404-429, in von BÃkÃsy's book "Experiments in Hearing" (1960).
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Betreff: Looking for a B=?UTF-8?Q?=C3=A9k=C3=A9sy?= paper (192 8)

Dear List,

thanks to all who helped me with my last paper wishlist. Today I am
only looking for this historical one:

G. von BÃkÃsy, "Zur Theorie des HÃrens: die Schwingungsform der
Basilarmembran," Physikalische Zeitschrift, vol. 29, pp. 793â810, 1928.

Does anyone happen to have a scanned copy of this?

Many thanks,
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