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Dear Yale,
I agree with the others regarding the Genelec (I'd go for the 8020 or 8030, which are small enough), but you can also have a look at the following:
-PMC speakers: very, good, expensive (in the US you can find the Digidesign version of these speakers, the RM1 or RM2, which are active and cheaper...you can find them for 800-1000$), but...well, very good!
-If you want something small, as the Genelec 8020, you can try with the Yamaha MSP3 or MSP5: they are very good speakers, active, very robust and with very good specs, and...they should be cheaper than the Genelec
-You can also look for older Tannoy models, most of all the ones with the Dual Concentric technology (the tweeter mounted on top of the woofer), which are great for near field applications (less dispersion and less phase problems with phase between the two drivers). An example could be the Tannoy System 800 (you should be able to find them used on eBay for 300$ per pair)
I hope this helps!

Dr. Lorenzo Picinali
Senior Lecturer in Music/Audio Technology
Faculty of Technology
De Montfort University, The Gateway
Leicester, LE1 9BH
Room GH 5.31 (Gateway House)
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