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Dear Auditory mailing list,
It's a bit late considering the full paper deadline, but...this event might be of interest for some of you!

* Apologies for cross postings *

Final call for papers:
HAID 2012 - The Seventh International Workshop on Haptic and Audio Interaction Design (HAID) - August 23-24 2012 in Lund, Sweden.

The combination of haptic and audio for interaction design is a challenging research area, and we invite researchers and practitioners interested in these non-visual modalities to come to HAID to exchange designs and research findings. This year's HAID has a particular  (but not exclusive) focus on the mobile setting -  while on the move the haptic and audio combination has great (but sadly under-exploited) potential.  More non-visual interaction designs will make applications and devices easier to user for everyone.
We invite contributions on the appropriate use of haptics and audio in interaction design:  how do we design effectively for mobile interaction? How can we design effective haptic, audio and multimodal interfaces? In what new application areas can we apply these techniques? Are there design methods that are useful? Or evaluation techniques that are particularly appropriate?  We also welcome artistic exhibits and commercial design cases for our exhibition.

HAID12 is a direct successor to the successful workshop series inaugurated in Glasgow in 2006, in Seoul in 2007, in Jyväskylä in 2008, Dresden in 2009, Copenhagen 2010 and Kyoto 2011. The aim of HAID12 is to bring together researchers and practitioners who share an interest in finding out how the haptic and audio modalities can be used together in human computer interaction. The research challenges in the area are best approached through user-centred design, empirical studies or the development of novel theoretical frameworks.
We invite your papers, posters, demonstrations and exhibits/design cases on these topics, and look forward to seeing you in Lund in August 2012!

Contributions are welcomed in (but not limited to) the following areas (please note that in all of these areas both theoretical and empirical approaches are encouraged):
.       Novel haptic, audio and multimodal interfaces and interactions
.       Evaluating multimodal interactions, especially in real contexts
.       Design principles for multimodal user-interfaces
.       Multimodal visualisations
.       Affective roles of haptics and audio in interaction
.       Cross-modal interactions
.       Auditory and haptic displays for visually impaired people
.       Safety critical multimodal applications (monitoring, controlling, alarming)
.       Designing haptics and audio for touch screen
.       Multimodal gaming and entertainment
.       Interaction in physical exercise
.       Collaborative multimodal systems
.        Mobile multimodal interactions
.        Emulation and simulation of real world with audio-haptic design
.        Novel systems and interactions using other modalities (e.g. taste, smell)

Submission of full and short papers: April 30, 2012. Submission of posters, demos and design cases: June 10, 2012

The proceedings will be published by Springer in their LNCS journal series.
More details can be found at http://www.haid.ws

Best wishes!
Charlotte Magnusson
Associate Professor
Certec, Division of Rehabilitation Engineering Research Department of Design Sciences Lund University Lund Sweden tel +46 46 222 4097 fax +46 46 222 4431

Dr. Lorenzo Picinali
Senior Lecturer in Music/Audio Technology
Faculty of Technology
De Montfort University, The Gateway
Leicester, LE1 9BH
Room GH 5.31 (Gateway House)
Tel 0116 207 8051