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Proceedings from PDF files

Hi all,
I uploaded here [1] the LaTeX files I used to generate the proceedings
for AVSP 2011 (International Conference on Audio-Visual Speech
Processing). With small modifications, these files may be useful to
others. You need a PDF file for each paper to include and a text file
with the list of titles/authors/file names (you can get this
information for example from the EasyChair system).

The LaTeX files will generate the title pages, a table of content with
links to the papers and the list of authors with links to the
corresponding papers. It will concatenate the papers  adding headers
and page numbers. Optionally you can define an offset for each paper,
if you need to tune the margins of that particular PDF file. The
result in case of the AVSP 2011 Proceedings can be downloaded here

Hope this is helpful, comments and improvements are welcome.

[1] https://github.com/giampierosalvi/LaTeXProceedings
[2] http://www.avsp2011.org/cms/sites/default/files/proceedings_avsp2011.pdf

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