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Postdoctoral Position in Montreal

Postdoctoral Position in Analysis of Musician' Movements

A 1-year postdoctoral position (renewable for a second year) is available
in the labs of Profs. Marcelo M. Wanderley (http://www.idmil.org/) and
Caroline Palmer (http://www.mcgill.ca/spl/), McGill University, Montreal.

The project, funded by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research
Council (Canada), involves research on the measurement, analysis and
modeling of musicians' movements while playing acoustic instruments, based
on motion capture, force plates, EMG and/or EEG data. These labs are
part of Montreal's rich research community in auditory neuroscience,
including CIRMMT (www.cirmmt.mcgill.ca/), a research centre on science and
technology of music, BRAMS (www.brams.org), an international lab for study
of music neuroscience, and CRLMB (www.crlmb.ca), a research centre for
speech science.

We encourage applicants with doctoral degrees in computer science,
psychology, engineering or related fields. Experience with MATLAB and/or
programming skills is necessary. Some experience with time series analysis
methods is desired.

Interested applicants are welcome to contact Marcelo Wanderley in
advance. Applicants should send a CV, statement of research interests, a
few select reprints or preprints, and contact information for three
letters of reference to <marcelo.wanderley@xxxxxxxxx>. Applications will
be considered immediately and will be accepted until July 06, 2012, with
an anticipated start date of September, 2012. Citizens of all countries
are eligible.