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PhD position in Toulouse

Message from Pascal Barone (Toulouse, France).

Please reply to him, not to me (SC).


The "Processing dynamics and cortical interactions" group at CERCO 
(Toulouse, France) offers a PhD position in the area of auditory 
neuroscience. This position is available in the framework of a 
collaboration between our laboratory, the ENT department of the 
hospital, and a cochlear implant company.

The project is concerned with the neuronal mechanisms of the cortical 
plasticity associated to deafness. The project will involve 
psychoacoustical protocols to evaluate the behavioral impact of deafness 
on both linguistic and paralinguistic aspects. Brain imaging (fRMI, EEG 
and PET scan) will be combined with the behavioral approach.

We are looking for a highly motivated candidate with a master degree in 
Cognitive Neuroscience, Psychoacoustics, or a related discipline. 
Programming skills in Matlab are expected, as well as an aptitude to 
work in a clinical environment, with deaf patients. Experience with fMRI 
is an advantage.

The position is for 3 years.

Send CV and letter of motivation before June 30^th to

Olivier Deguine (CHU Purpan). deguine.o@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 

Pascal Barone (Cerveau & Cognition). pascal.barone@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx