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PhD position at DMS and Universi tà Paris Sud / CNRS / Inria (Par is) - New visualization and inte raction techniques in spatial co mposition for mixing audio inter faces in the context of 3D spati al audio

PhD position in HCI (3 years from late 2012 - early 2013) in the topic:
"New visualization and interaction techniques in spatial composition for mixing audio interfaces in the context of 3D spatial audio."
at Digital Media Solutions /Università Paris-Sud, CNRS & Inria (Paris,

The aim of this project is to address the problem of 3D mixing (for cinema and music production) by a user-centered approach, in order to design and evaluate new visualization and interaction techniques for mixing spatial 3D audio. The work will be based on existing solutions (mixing consoles with standard software for spatialization on the same plane), but will mainly focus on the study of practices and working methods of sound engineers, in order to propose new solutions to 3D mixing. This study will serve as the basis for exploring the possibilities of novel visualization and interaction methods. These proposals will result in the production of prototypes based on the spatial rendering engine developed by the DMS company.
See http://insitu.lri.fr/Main/Jobs-PhD-SpatMix3D for additional information.

The PhD student will join both the R&D Dpt. of the DMS company
(http://www.dms-cinema.com/) and the in|situ| research group (http://insitu.lri.fr/).

We are seeking candidates with:
- A Master degree in HumanâComputer Interaction, Computer Music, and/or Visualization of Information (design, evaluation, and development of interactive systems).
- Excellent programming skills (C/C++, Java, Objective-ÂâC).
- Interest in the field of sound and cinema, as well as knowledge of electronics and/or design of physical interfaces would be a plus.

Send your application (CV, letter of motivation, research interests, and at least 2 letters of recommendation with contact information of
references) to Herve.Roux@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Stephane.Huot@xxxxxx and Brian.Katz@xxxxxxxx

Review of applications is ongoing and will continue until the position is filled.
The position is subject to acceptance of funding (CIFRE) by the ANRT (see

Further information could be obtained from:

StÃphane Huot, Associate Professor
in|situ| group - Università Paris-Sud, CNRS & Inria


Brian F. G. Katz, Researcher
group Audio & Acoustics, LIMSI - CNRS

StÃphane HuotStephane.Huot@xxxxxx
Associate Professor (on leave at inria)     tel: +33 169 154 229
LRI - In|Situ| - IUT Orsay                  fax: +33 1
Università Paris Sud - Bat. 650 (PCRI)      www:http://www.lri.fr/~huot