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Re: Answers, comments welcome.

Dear Randy and List,

I strongly feel the need to react on prof. Werner Hemmert?s comments and 
advises addressed to Randy before I bring in the promised second part of my 
reaction on the dichotic stimulus perception.

I have studied in depth the paper that is forming one publication with the 
video that was recommended by prof. Hemmert:

Ghaffari R, Aranyosi AJ and Freeman DM. (2007) 

Longitudinally propagating traveling waves of the mammalian tectorial 

PNAS: vol. 104 no. 42; p.p. 16510 ? 16515.

And my observations resulted in the attached PDF with the title:

Incorrect interpretation of physics is applied to justify the hypothesized 
existence of a traveling wave, while correct application of physics leads to 
a phase wave.

Kind regards

Willem C. Heerens

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