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Re: B&K equipment

Dear Alex,

As far as I know that Sound Level Meter (SLM) is a very old version and for that you are not able to find any technical data or user manual, even at the B&K website. Nevertheless it is not difficult to use: you can switch between the A, B or C Weighting (B-curve is now obsolete...) and you have to read the"VU meter" in the display which has a dynamic range of 30 dB (or 40 I do not remember exactly), then you have a rotatory switch (in the left of the attached picture) in which you change the "central level". For instance if this central level is 60 dB and you read + 5 dB and you are using the A-Weighting that is to say that the instantaneous value is 65 dB(A).

Regarding the microphone, I'm not sure if it is a Type 1 microphone (because this SLM does not comply with the IEC 651), but its diameter is 1" and for that reason you would need also a 1" Acoustic Calibrator.

What is more important I think is if the SLM is calibrated, for having reliable measurements.

If you have any question I think I could contact you with someone having this SLM (still, hehe).

Hope this would help you,
Kind regards,

Alejandro Osses 

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dear all,

does anyone have either an English or German manual for the following (quite old) B&K equipment, that they would be willing to scan and forward to me?
B&K Sound Level Meter Type 2205
B&K Microphone Type 4117
many thanks,
Alex Karandreas

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