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Job opening at ORCA Europe, Stockholm, Sweden

Dear List members,


We are happy to announce a full-time position for an audiological researcher with a technical background at our research facility ORCA Europe, located in Stockholm, Sweden. ORCA Europe is a research laboratory fully sponsored by the Danish hearing-aid manufacturer Widex A/S. More information about ORCA Europe can be found at www.orca-eu.info.


Deadline for application is October 10th 2012.  Information about the position can be found below and applications are made using the form found by following this link: http://delta.hr-manager.net/ApplicationInit.aspx?rojectId=120970&DepartmentId=5241&MediaId=5


If you know of a candidate who could be interested in this position, please circulate!


Best regards,


Karolina Smeds, Director PhD
ORCA Europe
Maria Bangata 4

+46 8 455 67 60 (phone)
+46 8 455 67 63 (phone, direct)
+46 706 92 38 02 (mobile)
+46 8 668 04 50 (fax)



Clinical researcher to ORCA Europe

ORCA Europe has a vacancy for a clinical researcher with a technical background. You will be part of a research team focusing on hearing solutions for people with hearing impairment, conducting applied hearing research, and communicating the results. The office is located in Stockholm.

ORCA Europe

ORCA Europe is a research laboratory directed by Karolina Smeds, PhD. The group generally undertakes research projects documenting hearing-aid performance in clinical studies. Examples of other types of research can be found on www.orca-eu.info. The research is carried out both at the premises in Stockholm, Sweden, where our modern research laboratory is located, and in collaboration with hearing clinics and research groups in Sweden and abroad. The Danish hearing-aid manufacturer Widex A/S is financing the research at ORCA Europe and at our sister facility ORCA USA. We are now seeking a highly motivated and talented researcher for fun challenges in our research group.

Job description

The position will be permanent and full-time after a 6-month probationary period. ORCA Europe is a small research group (five people), which means that everyone has a number of duties. For the current position, the key responsibilities are listed below.


         Design research projects (project planning for small clinical trials and other experiments)

         Analyze data using statistics

         Write reports and papers, for both scientific and popular scientific journals

         Present at research conferences, nationally and internationally


         Participate in purchase, customization, calibration, and maintenance of special-purpose lab equipment

         Conduct data analysis, make graphs, and perform basic signal processing using MATLAB

         Participate in IT work to a small extent


We welcome applications from people with a strong technical background, who have a PhD (or equivalent qualification) in audiology, psychoacoustics, electrical engineering or a related discipline, and who have relevant research experience in experimental studies with human participants. Strong experimental, statistical, and computational skills are important, as is a practical knack. Basic knowledge in sound engineering and/or experience of acoustical measurement systems is beneficial. Good MATLAB programming skills are important and experience with other programming languages, such as C++, is beneficial.


The applicant needs to have a good ability to work both independently and as a part of a team. Good social skills are necessary. We are looking for an enthusiastic person with good communication skills. Very good English, both written and spoken, is essential. A willingness to learn Swedish is important.

Interested? More information about the group and the research is available at www.orca-eu.info. The e-mail address to the director of research, Karolina Smeds, can be found at the web site.


Deadline for application: October 10th 2012. Please apply for the position by following this link: http://delta.hr-manager.net/ApplicationInit.aspx?ProjectId=120970&DepartmentId=5241&MediaId=5


If you know of a candidate who may be interested in this position, please circulate!