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Re: McGurk or AV stimuli available?

Hi Tuan,

You could try to make it yourself, as I did in this clip http://www.YouTube/Arnte. Not very hard to do, as long as you use earphones with a 'click track' when you are recording, to make editing and synching easy. 



PS. And please feel free to use my clip should it fit your purpose. 

Arnt Maasà 
Associate professor, Dr. art.
Dept. of Media and Communication, Univ. of Oslo
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Den 19. nov. 2012 kl. 18:27 skrev Tuan Quoc Lam <tuan.lam@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> Dear Colleagues,
> I am working on a project examining audio-visual integration. I am planning  to use McGurk type stimuli (e.g. /aba/~/aga/) for this study. Does anyone have such stimuli available to share or know of where I might be able to obtain such stimuli? These stimuli should preferably be spoken by a native speaker of American English. Alternatively, I could make use of undubbed AV stimuli and do the dubbing myself as long as head movement is controlled for in the video.
> Thank you,
> Tuan Q. Lam, Ph.D.
> Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders
> Northwestern University