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Research opportunities (12 PhDs, 5 postdocs) in new European ITN

Starting January 2013, a new FP7 Marie Curie Initial Training Network "IMPROVED COMMUNICATION THROUGH APPLED HEARING RESEARCH" (ICanHear) will provide research opportunities for 12 PhD students (Early Stage Researchers) and 5 postdocs (Experienced Researchers).

For more information about the network and the application procedure see:

Deadline for applications: 15. December 2012

About the network:
The network consists of 7 European research institutes and 6 associated partners. The aim of ICANHEAR is to develop models based on emerging knowledge about higher-level processing within the auditory pathway and exploit that knowledge to develop creative solutions that will improve the performance of hearing instruments. Attractive grants and a wide variety of international training activities, including collaborations with ICanHear Associated Partners in the U.K., Switzerland, Belgium, U.S.A., and Canada, will be made available to successful candidates, who will stay in the network for a period of 12 to 36 months.