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Faculty position in audio DSP at the University of Rochester

There are two open faculty positions in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of 
Rochester, one in DSP applications to audio and music and the other in "Big Data" analytics, with 
particular interest in music information retrieval and related topics.   We recently have started a new 
undergraduate major in Audio and Music Engineering (within the ECE Department) and we have 
active MS and Ph.D. programs, with about 10-15 MS students in residence at any given time and 4 
Ph.D. students in our group currently working on various topics from acoustics and loudspeaker 
design, physical modeling, source separation, to data mining in music.  We are excited to have the 
opportunity to add these new faculty positions in our department.

	The University of Rochester is a great environment for faculty, our teaching load is one course 
per semester, we have a diverse and active research profile in the ECE department, we offer generous 
start up packages, and there are many opportunities to collaborate with faculty at the Eastman 
School of Music, which is also part of the UR.  Our undergraduate student body is deeply interested 
in music, (the Eastman School aura seems to attract many engineering students with musical 
interests) and we already have about 20 Audio and Music Engineering majors in our first year of the 
program.  Rochester would be a great opportunity for a new faculty member to build a first rate 
research program and participate in our exciting new undergrad program.

       Here is a link to our ad and the online application system.


      Thank you for reading, and feel free to write to me directly if you are interested.  If anyone does  
apply for this position please also let me know directly.

Thank you,

Mark F. Bocko - Professor and Chair		               	                    
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Professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy      
Affiliated Faculty Member - Eastman School of Music   
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University of Rochester                		
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