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Job Announcement: Research scientist in cognitive hearing science at Starkey Hearing Technologies, Inc

Dear list,

I would like to announce an opening at Starkey Hearing Technologies for a research scientist to perform research in cognitive hearing science toward improving the benefit of hearing aids. The position will be based in the company's research facility in Berkeley, CA, the Starkey Hearing Research Center.

The ideal candidate will have had experience conducting cognitive science studies, has thorough knowledge of models of cognitive processing, and has experience with the study of hearing impairment.

See below for details of the position and instructions on how to apply.


Sridhar Kalluri

The Starkey Hearing Research Center is a division of Starkey Hearing Technologies, the world’s largest manufacturer of custom hearing solutions. The Center is situated within the broader research division of the company. The research conducted at the Center is focused on two primary tracks: auditory perceptual science and signal processing technology. Basic psychoacoustic, cognition, and speech research assist in developing new signal processing algorithms, new diagnostic-based fitting procedures, and new patient-benefit validation approaches. Signal processing research enhances the functionality of hearing instruments and improves sound quality, speech understanding, and music appreciation for people with hearing impairment.


The Starkey Hearing Research Center is currently seeking a Research Scientist in cognitive hearing science. This is a key research area for advancing the treatment of hearing impairment because of the critical importance of cognitive processing for meeting the challenges of communicating in real-world listening scenarios. The position is responsible for researching the interaction between impaired hearing and cognition, and for applying this research to developing novel hearing technologies. Such research will include investigating the impact of cognitive skills on the benefit of signal processing technology, auditory training, and other interventions for people with hearing impairment. Such research will also include investigating and developing cognitive outcome measures of interventions, for example, outcome measures that tap into the impact of hearing technology on memory and attention. The position will report to the Manager of Hearing Science.


The Research Scientist will be an integral member of a group of highly skilled and motivated researchers at the Center who are working in close collaboration with a larger community of Starkey researchers located in Minnesota to improve the quality of life for those with hearing loss through evidence-based innovation. The Center is located in Berkeley, CA. This is an intellectually stimulating environment due to the presence of the world-class University of California and the close proximity of the vibrant innovation culture of San Francisco and Silicon Valley.



The ideal candidate will possess:


·         Ph.D. in Cognitive Science or related field, with research expertise in hearing impairment;


·         Extensive experience conducting cognitive science studies

·         Thorough knowledge of models of cognitive processing, particularly as applied to auditory, speech, and language processing

·         Experience with one or more modern investigation tools of cognitive science (e.g., brain imaging, pupillometry, eye tracking, computational modeling, and psychophysics) as well as experience designing a variety of different experimental protocols

·         Experience with the study of normal and impaired hearing

·         Understanding of hearing aid technology and fitting systems

·         Skills in the use of audiological and psychoacoustic instrumentation

·         Statistical analysis capabilities

·         Good written and verbal communication skills

·         Strong leadership characteristics

·         Exceptional ability for innovation and creativity



·         Design and conduct cognitive hearing science research that will lead to innovations in the hearing aid industry;

·         Analyze and interpret experimental results within the context of scientific discovery;

·         Manage experiment documentation and procedures, including writing experiment protocols and final reports on outcomes of research;

·         Publish research in scientific journals and present results at conferences;

·         Support corporate intellectual property strategy by monitoring patent literature in relevant areas of expertise and creating and filing patentable inventions;

·         Help nurture collaborative relationships with external university researchers by managing, consulting, and/or participating in all phases of collaborative studies;

·         Promote and support research internally and externally;

·         Provide research expertise and support to other departments within the company.



Compensation will be commensurate with the experience of the candidate and includes: a 401K plan, Profit Sharing, comprehensive health care plan, and an Employee Stock Ownership Plan. In addition an aggressive 80% tuition reimbursement program is available to all Starkey employees.



Interested candidates should e-mail a cover letter and resume to:

Jessica Perez

Talent Management Business Partner