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Re: Auditory transduction video

Excellent! Thank you Ani!

On 1/29/13 1:36 PM, "Aniruddh Patel" <apatel@xxxxxxx> wrote:

>Dear Colleagues,
>I am thinking of showing this ~7-minute animation of auditory transduction
>to an intro psyc of music class for undergrads.  The students come from
>diverse backgrounds and some have no scientific or musical background.
>Is anyone aware of alternative videos on this topic?
>Comments on this video are also welcome, if any experts out there spot
>serious problems. (Please keep in mind that this video is intended to be
>introductory, and naturally involves a good deal of simplification.)
>Ani Patel
>Aniruddh D. Patel
>Associate Professor
>Dept. of Psychology
>Tufts University
>490 Boston Ave.
>Medford, MA 02115