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Info: ISAAR 2013 Auditory plasticity - Listening with the brain.

ISAAR 2013, www.isaar.eu
28-30 August 2013, Nyborg, Denmark

The topic of ISAAR 2013 is

Call for abstracts for posters and aural presentations.
See www.isaar.eu for information about abstracts and other matters.
ISAAR, International Symposium on Auditory and Audiological Research.

Sessions and invited keynote speakers:

1. Basic perceptual studies of training/learning/generalization
   Brian Moore, Beverly Wright, Lorna Halliday

2. Physiological correlates of auditory plasticity
   Israel Nelken, Jonathan Fritz, Doris Wu, Jessica de Boer

3. Modeling of plasticity
   Dan Sanes, Klaus Obermayer, Bert DeVries

4. Plasticity and auditory disorders
   Michael Merzenich, Jos Eggermont, Kevin Monroe, Anu Sharma

5. Hearing training with hearing aids and cochlear implants
   Andrej Krajl, Thomas Lunner, Robert Sweetow, Paula Stacey

Abstracts must be sent via the symposium website www.isaar.eu
Deadline 01 May 2013. Contributions will be evaluated by the
organizing committee. Accepted presentations and posters will
 - in a written version, max 8 pages - be printed in the 
symposium proceedings.

On-line registration will open soon at the website www.isaar.eu
Participant fee is DKK 5000 (approximately EUR 660, USD 895)
The fee covers participation in the symposium;
full accommodation including single room for 2 nights (Wed-Thu-Fri);
all meals and social activities during the symposium;
and a copy of the symposium proceedings.

The ISAAR committee offers a limited number of scholarships
to young scientists (e.g., PhD-students, post-docs, and others)
The scholarship covers the symposium fee for full participation
and accommodation. Travel expenses are not covered.
See www.isaar.eu


Torben Poulsen
Department of Electrical Engineering, Hearing Systems
Technical University of Denmark
Building 352, DTU, DK-2800 Lyngby, Denmark
e-mail: tp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
ISAAR: www.isaar.eu
Symposium sponsored by GN ReSound through the Danavox Jubilee Foundation