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Postdoc Position

Postdoctoral Fellowship: Computational modeling and psychophysics of auditory streaming.

Center for Neural Science, New York University

Funding is anticipated for a postdoctoral position to study the dynamics of auditory perceptual phenomena related to perceptual grouping/streaming that may also include bistability, pitch perception, or sound localization. The focus will be on computational modeling from a neuromechanistic framework, likely with firing-rate descriptions but not ruling out idealized cell-based biophysical modeling. The postdoc will have opportunities for doing psychophysical experiments (human subjects).  A candidate is expected to have computational background (computing, simulating differential equations, statistical analysis) and some prior exposure to neuroscience and the auditory system. Ongoing research in the working group includes a diversity of projects, primarily auditory, primarily computational from cellular to system-level modeling, as well as some in vitro electrophysiology; collaborations with other labs at NYU and elsewhere is common. The Center for Neural Science at NYU is located in Greenwich Village, and offers modern laboratory facilities, a stimulating research environment, depth in computational neuroscience and close ties with the Courant Institute. 

Send your CV, statement of research interests, and names of three references to John Rinzel, 
Email: rinzeljm@xxxxxxxxx

Postal address:
Center for Neural Science, 4 Washington Place, New York, NY 10003.