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looking for examples/demos on timbre and rhythm

Dear colleagues,

I am trying to build up a collection of musical examples from around the world in which timbre plays a role at rhythmic, metric and hypermetric levels of musical structuring. If you have any ideas, recordings or demos (words, scores, recordings, references) in which the following phenomena are clealry apparent, I would be delighted to hear about and receive them. 

- the effect of timbre-based stream segregation on rhythm perception
- the role of timbral saliency in the perception of rhythmic accents and possible differences among cultures
- timbral accentuation and meter perception
- timbral contrasts and the induction of hypermeter
- the relation between timbral heterogeneity and rhythmic complexity.

I am most interested in examples drawn from real music. My plan is to create a website with these examples, which interested colleagues could use for pedagogical and research purposes. All contributions will be appropriately acknowledged.

With best wishes,
Stephen McAdams

Schulich School of Music
McGill University
555 Sherbrooke St. W.
Montréal, Québec
Canada  H3A 1E3