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2nd Call for Papers: The Lure of the New 2013

Call for abstracts (Deadline 1st March):

The Cognition Institute is a new trans-disciplinary research centre focused on understanding human cognition. We believe that through forging links with researchers from psychology, cognitive robotics, neuroscience, biology, humanities and the arts we can develop new ways of thinking about cognition.

In our first 1st international conference, we will explore how novelty and creativity are key drivers of human cognition. Each of our themed symposia will bring a different approach to this topic, and will cover such areas as embodied cognition, auditory neuroscience and psychophysics, language development, mental imagery, creativity and cognition, the relationship between the arts and sciences, modelling and imaging of brain processes & deception research.

We welcome abstracts in any of these areas and are very keen for submissions which take a trans-disciplinary approach to cognition research.



•             Embodied Cognition and Mental Simulation (Haline Schenden, Diane Pecher, Rob Ellis, Patric Bach)

•             Sounds for Communication (Sue Denham, Roy Patterson, Judy Edworthy, Sarah Collins)

•             Developments in infant speech perception (Katrin Skoruppa, Silvia Benavides-Varelaa, Caroline Floccia, Laurence White, Ian Howard)

•             Engineering Creativity - can the arts help scientific research more directly? (Alexis Kirke, Greg B. Davies, Simon Ingram)

•             Computational Modelling of Brain Processes (Thomas Wennekers, Ingo Bojak, Chris Harris, Jonathan Waddington)

•             Current trends in deception research (Giorgio Ganis, Gershon Ben-Shakhar)

•             Imagery, Dance and Creativity (Jon May, Scott deLaHunta, Emma Redding, Tony Thatcher, Phil Barnard, John Matthias, Jane Grant)


As well as the symposia, there will be a panel discussion drawing together all the themes of the conference, a performance by Emma Redding & Tony Thatcher (as part of the Imagery, Dance and Creativity symposium) and keynote talks by:

-Linda Lanyon (Head of Programs at the INCF): Toward globally collaborative science: the International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility

-Guy Orban (Dept. of Neuroscience, University of Parma): Finding a home for the mirror neurons in human premotor cortex.


In addition, the evening programme includes a reception and CogTalk debate to mark the official launch of the Cognition Institute, and a special film screening in association with SciScreen.



The programme can be found here:



Registration is now open and details of how to apply can be found here:



Deadline for abstract submission: 1st March 2013

Abstracts should be emailed to info.cognition@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx in Word doc or docx format, no longer than 1 A4 page, including all refs, title, all authors names and affiliations, corresponding authors contact address and email.

For all conference enquiries please contact Lucy Davies at: info.cognition@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.


Lucy Davies

Cognition Institute

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