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Audio emotions web experiment

Dear list,

Please read and forgive any cross postings. 

At the audemo.eu web address is an online web experiment. It is
about audio emotion recognition, regarding my PhD research. If you
are willing to participate, please do so. The more participants, the
better the results are. 

In order to participate you will need a pair of headphones (any kind
will do). Please do not conduct the experiment without headphones.
Also, please do the experiment only once

A typical duration of the experiment is around 12 minutes. Also, there
is a tutorial video link at the web page. Please watch it before conducting
the experiment. 

If you know anyone who would like to participate, please do forward this

Kind regards, 
Konstantinos Drossos
PhD Student
Dept of Audiovisual Arts, Ionian University
Plateia Tsirigoti 7
49100 Corfu, Greece
email: kdrosos@xxxxxxxx