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Re: Real-time spectrogram for Mac

Dear Rowan,

this has been posted on the web audio mailing list a while ago. I use it for teaching and find it very nice. If the future is bright for audio support on the web, such things may be truly cross platform in a few years...




Hi All,

I'm very happy to announce early support for live audio input with the Web Audio API in Chrome Canary (Mac-only for now, but Windows coming).

To try it out:

1) Launch Chrome Canary:

2) As a one-time configuration, go to "about:flags" (in the address bar) and enable "Web Audio Input" -- then click on "Relaunch Now" button at the bottom

3) Try a very simple and basic demo:

4) You'll be asked for permission to use your "microphone" (could be any live audio source) -- click on "Allow"
(please note that the actual input source in the "Options" menu will *currently* be ignored and your default audio input device will always be used)


On 26 févr. 2013, at 13:31, Rowan D. wrote:

Hi -

Background: I have been using the real-time waveform/spectrum (RTSpect) and spectrogram (RTGram) Windows apps from UCL (http://www.phon.ucl.ac.uk/resource/software.php) for several years for teaching and outreach/public engagement as very easy to use to achieve intended results.

Question: Is there anything similar out there for Mac/OSX?

I've had a bit of a search with no luck; needs to be real-time and similarly easy to use for a varied audience. I'm aware of iPad apps that do something similar but am looking for something for Macbook.

Many thanks in advance for any leads.

Cheers, Daniel

Mathieu Lagrange
CNRS Researcher (anasyn team @ Ircam)
Phone: ++33-1-4478 4871 | Fax: ++33-1-4478 1540