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Posting for a faculty position in Cochlear Implants and signal processing for Hearing Aids at The Univ. of Texas at Dallas

Dear Audiology Colleagues:

I’m writing to ask your help in a faculty search we have at UTDallas. As a former Dept. Head of Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences at Univ. Colorado – Boulder (presently at Univ. of Texas at Dallas), I know the difficulty in identifying experienced faculty candidates that bridge hearing sciences and signal processing/engineering for cochlear implants and hearing aids.  


The University of Texas at Dallas has an open search for a faculty position at ALL RANKS, with a specialty in the field of cochlear implants and hearing aids (this is in the Dept. of Electrical Engineering). We are looking for someone with interests in signal processing/speech enhancement as applied to areas of Cochlear Implants and Hearing Aids. The Department has a very active Center for Robust Speech Systems (CRSS), and the position would include extensive collaborations with speech & hearing faculty and students in our School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences as well as the Callier Center here at UTDallas.


If you, or someone you know, might have an interest, I would appreciate you sharing this information with them – and/or contacting us here at the University of Texas at Dallas.


Below is the link to the job posting.

Many thanks!

John Hansen (John.Hansen@xxxxxxxxxxxx)








John H.L. Hansen

Associate Dean for Research, Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science

Distinguished University Chair in Telecommunications Engineering

Professor, Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Erik Jonsson School

Professor, School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences (Speech and Hearing)

Center for Robust Speech Systems, Coordinator

IEEE Fellow, ISCA Fellow, IEEE SLTC Chair

The University of Texas at Dallas

Electrical Engineering, EC33  P.O. Box 830688

800 W Campbell Road, Richardson, TX 75080-3021  U.S.A.

Phone: 972-883-2910  FAX:   972-883-2710

email: John.Hansen@xxxxxxxxxxxx

web: http://crss.utdallas.edu