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SocialEQ - Audio Descriptor Data Collection


Apologies for potential cross-postings

Dear community,

We are conducting a study on adjectives for sounds. We are specifically interested in adjectives that describe characteristics which can be modified by audio production tools, such as reverberation and equalization. We are hoping that you can help us with a data collection of such adjectives by using our new web-based tool, SocialEQ - http://socialeq.org.

SocialEQ is a tool to learn the meaning of sound adjectives that relate to equalization. We'd like you to teach the SocialEQ equalizer an adjective that you would use to describe a sound. Once the system thinks it understands, it will give you a slider to make the sound more or less like the adjective (for example, more or less "bright"). After that task is complete, we will present you with a survey. The whole thing should take about five minutes.

To participate, go to http://socialeq.org.

Thank you for your time!

Best regards,

Mark Cartwright <mcartwright@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Bryan Pardo <pardo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

The Interactive Audio Lab
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Northwestern University