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Estimating OHC/IHC Loss Proportion in Humans using DPOAEs

Dear auditory list subscribers,

I am searching for any publications which document the application of distortion product otoacoustic emissions (DPOAEs) as a way of estimating the proportion of outer/inner hair cell (OHC/IHC) loss in humans with hearing loss.  I have performed several Google Scholar searches but can only seem to find methods applied to other animals.

Alternatively, if you know of any other behavioural methods to estimate proportion of OHC/IHC loss, such as documented in the Journal of the Association for Research in Otolaryngology by Lopez-Poveda and Johannesen (2012), I would very much appreciate hearing about such techniques.

Thank you.

Note: the title of the paper I referred to is "Behavioral Estimates of the Contribution of Inner and Outer Hair Cell Dysfunction to Individualized Audiometric Loss"

Jeff Bruce, Graduate Student/Teaching Assistant
McMaster University, Psychology Building, PC320
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