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PHD position in Aalto University, Finland

A PhD position available in the spatial sound research team at the Aalto University

The team (~15 members) has been working on spatial audio techniques and on perception of spatial sound for more than a decade already. A position is opened to the project on functional modeling of brain mechanisms in auditory pathway devoted to spatial hearing. In the project, the functionality and anatomy of brain organs is studied, and a network is built having functionally similar DSP blocks in equal topology. The information available on psychoacoustics, neuroanatomy and neurophysiology is used in the work, and possibly new psychophysical tests are conducted to fine-tune the parameters in the model.

Reverse engineering of the brains is a good DSP exercise

The applicants should hold MSc in relevant field, and should have experience at least some of the following fields or skills
- psychoacoustics
- digital signal processing
- audio
- matlab

The project is funded by ERC starting researcher grant, Academy of Finland and by Aalto University. The contract would be made for 2+2 years.

Please send to address Ville.Pulkki@xxxxxxxx during April 2013 a free-form application with CV and other relevant attachments. Please state also 1-2 references.

Questions: pls contact me directly.

Ville Pulkki
Professor (Tenure track assistant level 2)
Department of Signal Processing and Acoustics
Aalto University
Espoo, Finland