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CMMR2013 - Call for Demos and Installations - "Sound, Music and Motion"

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10th International Symposium on Computer Music Modeling and Retrieval/
Computer Music Multidisciplinary Research 2013
“Sound, Music & Motion”
October 15th – 18th 2013,
CNRS - Laboratoire de Mécanique et d’Acoustique, Marseille, France

Conference website: http://www.cmmr2013.cnrs-mrs.fr

We are pleased to announce the call for demonstrations and sound/media installations for CMMR 2013 – “Sound, Music & Motion”. This event will take place in Marseille, CNRS-LMA, October 15th-18th 2013. This year CMMR celebrates its 10th anniversary. For this special occasion the symposium will be held in Marseille, the European Capital of Culture 2013 (http://www.mp2013.fr/?lang=en).


Demonstrations and installations should present innovative working systems which, if applicable, can be tested by users.
They could either accompany a technical talk or a poster session or be submitted as independent contributions.


Demonstrations will be presented during poster sessions.
They aim at strengthening the interactions between participants and offer an exciting opportunity for researchers to demonstrate their state-of-the-art results to a wide audience. Demonstrations are expected to be attractive, interesting, innovative, inventive and to be reasonably clear and self-contained. Demonstrators are encouraged to use a poster to facilitate the illustration of the scientific and technological aspects involved.


A number of rooms will be specifically used to exhibit sound/media installations.
Works must feature original sound processing as a central element though they may and hopefully will include other media or physical components; works with interactive elements are strongly encouraged.


Original contributions are encouraged in, but not limited to, the following topics:

    •    Sound, Music and motions (e.g. analysis, retrieval, synthesis, composition, performance, music for images)
    •    Gestural control of sound synthesis
    •    Musical gesture analysis
    •    Augmented musical instruments
    •    Musical interfaces
    •    Musically inspired HCI
    •    Mapping & Sonification
    •    Auditory perception and cognition
    •    Virtual reality, augmented reality and human-computer interaction related to music
    •    Interaction sound/image
    •    Semio-acoustics (Soundscapes, Field Recording, daily sounds)
    •    Therapy and rehabilitation   
    •    Digital music libraries
    •    User studies (e.g. ethnography, usability of music software)
    •    New methods for music representation and visualization
    •    Retrieval and music recommendation tools
    •    Intelligent music tutoring systems
    •    Music games and interactive learning
    •    Music production and composition tools
    •    Structuring of audio data
    •    Cooperative music networks
    •    Analysis, recognition, comparison, classification, and modeling of sound and music
    •    Music and sound data mining
    •    Sound synthesis
    •    Optical music recognition
    •    Semantic web music technologies
    •    Sound source separation
    •    Music structure analysis
    •    Music transcription
    •    Artificial intelligence and cognitive science for sound and music


All submissions of demonstration and installation proposals will be peer-reviewed to ensure quality and suitability. Please submit a proposal following the instructions specified in the Author instruction & Submission section of the CMMR 2013 website. Participants of accepted proposals are required to be registered for the conference by the author registration deadline.
Important dates:

Submission deadline                        June 15th 2013
Notification of acceptance                July 15th 2013

For general inquiries, please contact the conference general chairs using the following email address:

For inquiries regarding music submissions, please contact the music chair using the following email address:

Please forward this call to interested parties.
We are looking forward to your contributions !

Symposium chair
Richard Kronland-Martinet, CNRS-LMA

Paper, program and proceedings chairs
Mitsuko Aramaki, Sølvi Ystad, Olivier Derrien, CNRS-LMA

Demonstration and Installation Chairs,
Charles Gondre & Gaëtan Parseihian, CNRS-LMA

Music Chair
Jacques Diennet, UBRIS Studio, Marseille

Communication and Sponsoring Chairs
Etienne Thoret & Simon Conan, CNRS-LMA