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Research Assistant position at MIT

Dear list,

I have an opening for a full-time research assistant position in my lab. Please feel free to forward the details below to potential candidates.


Josh McDermott

POSITION OPENING: Technical Assistant in the McDermott Lab, Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, MIT, to assist with all aspects of research on human audition.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Designing, programming, and conducting behavioral experiments; analyzing data; participant outreach and recruitment; implementation and maintenance of analysis software and computational models; technical support for lab personnel; participation in reading groups and research seminars; and some basic administrative duties including ordering equipment, tracking supplies, etc. Will be encouraged to take an active role in scientific research. The position is ideal for individuals considering future graduate study in cognitive science or neuroscience.

REQUIREMENTS: A bachelor's degree in cognitive science, neuroscience, computer science, engineering, physics, or math; strong math, statistics, and computer skills (e.g., MATLAB, Python, shell scripting); substantial programming experience, including experience using HTML/CSS/_javascript_ and experience implementing simple web sites; Macintosh and Windows troubleshooting skills and comfort in a Unix environment; good people skills; and evidence of serious interest in a career in cognitive science or neuroscience. We seek an organized, self-motivated, independent, and reliable individual who is able to multitask efficiently in a fast-paced environment. Must be able to work as part of a team. Research experience in cognitive science or neuroscience would be helpful, especially experience conducting behavioral experiments in human subjects.

To apply, please follow the instructions at this link: http://sh.webhire.com/servlet/av/jd?ai=631&ji=2681090&sn=I