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PhD position on Audio Source Separation at MTG-UPF, Barcelona

PhD position on Audio Source Separation at MTG-UPF (Barcelona)

There is one open PhD position at the Music Technology Group of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona (http://www.mtg.upf.edu). The topic for this PhD position is “Source Separation and Signal Modelling of Orchestral Music Mixtures”. This position is partially funded by the PHENICX project and starts in October 2013. 


Musical Audio Source Separation relates to advanced signal processing methods that allow extracting a given instrument (sound source) from the original recording. In this case, we will focus on classical music recordings that can come in various formats (e.g, stereo catalogue tracks, multi-track on-stage orchestral recordings).  The goals shall cover here both score-informed situations, e.g. supported by score-alignment, and blind situations where the score is not available. The project involves collaborating with other researchers at the MTG in the areas of Music Information Retrieval and Advanced Music Interaction, as well as with other international research partners in the PHENICX project.


Applicants should have experience in audio signal processing, and hold a MSc in a related field (e.g. acoustics, telecommunications, electrical engineering, physics, mathematics, or computer sciences). Experience in scientific programming (e.g. Matlab/Python/C++) and excellent English are essential. Expertise on source separation, multipitch analysis, timbre analysis or source localization will be also appreciated.

Applicants should send their CV and motivation letter to Jordi Janer (jordi.janer@xxxxxxx) and Emilia Gómez (emilia.gomez@xxxxxxx) before 7th May 2013.



Jordi Janer

Music Technology Group

Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona