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[AUDITORY] Position of Senior Research Audiologist At Advanced Bionics LLC

Dear All,

I would like to announce a position of senior research audiologist to take on a leading role in conducting studies into improving outcomes of cochlear implant recipients. The position is based in Valencia, CA.

The advertisement is below. Please feel free to see more details online by following the link.

Thank you!


Senior Research Audiologist


Join the team that is taking cochlear implant performance to the next level!  The Research & Technology group at Advanced Bionics has changed the lives of cochlear implant recipients through revolutionary improvements in signal processing, such as HiResolution, Fidelity 120, and ClearVoice.  There are even more exciting advancements looming on the horizon!  Our international research team sets the standard for industry-driven cochlear implant research.  Our team is constantly implementing and evaluating new concepts to improve hearing for our patients.  With so many ideas to evaluate, our team is searching for a Senior Research Audiologist to help bring exciting new technologies to market.  The ideal candidate will be motivated to improve outcomes of cochlear implant users through innovative solutions and excited to test novel hypotheses about how to affect meaningful change in clinical practice and patient performance. 


As a Senior Research Audiologist, you will function within a multi-disciplinary, international team of scientists, engineers, and hearing professionals.  Your clinical perspective will influence the team’s approach to development and implementation of changes in our current sound coding process.  If you are a hearing professional or researcher and you have what it takes to shape the future of cochlear implants, then this is the opportunity for you.

Job Duties:

Job Requirements: