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[AUDITORY] Sound proof booth and EEG recording [the revenge]

Dear list member,

the question I submitted the other day raised an unexpected response: many of the people I came in contact with were actually *unhappy* of the electrical shielding of the booth.

I quote here the words of Dave Hairston: "While having a fantastic Faraday cage is theoretically great, in reality in can cause as many problems as it solves. For instance we have discovered that in many cases if you have ANY electrical devices inside, such as monitors, keyboards, whatever, it traps and bounces the power line noise much worse than just doing in a normal office room."

Here, we are definitely going to take some electrical device inside the booth. Because the electrical shielding has a cost (about 5000 euros) I'm now wandering whether it is worth to spend this money.

Here comes the question (addressed to those like me that must take some electrical devices inside the booth): did the electrical shielding of your booth improve substantially the quality of your recordings?

Thank you all in advance,