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Re: [AUDITORY] Note durations in music

Ani, have you checked whether anything might be available on the ISMIR site (Music Information Retrieval), at http://www.ismir.net/?  If anything exists, it should be referenced somewhere there (you may have to plough through a fairly large number of papers to get to it!).

On 12/06/2013 21:07, Patel, Aniruddh D. wrote:

Dear list,


I’m trying to find papers which report measurements of two aspects of note duration in solo instrumental monophonic music (e.g., recordings of solo violin, cello, trumpet, clarinet, flute, etc. – not piano, guitar, or other instruments that can play multiple notes simultaneously).


1.       The average duration of notes in a piece

2.       A histogram of note durations in the piece


Thus for example this solo cello prelude by JS Bach last about 4 minutes and contains N notes (anybody know?), so the average note duration in this piece is about N/240 notes/sec.  




If one could measure the duration of each note in this recording, then one could plot the histogram of note durations in the piece.


Is anyone aware of such data for any solo monophonic instrument?  Musical style doesn’t matter (can be classical, folk, etc.). 



Ani Patel



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