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[AUDITORY] Looking for examples of “multi-temporality” (pol yrhythm/polymeter/polytempo)

Dear colleagues,

I am building a collection of musical examples from around the world in which âmulti-temporalityâ (e.g., polyrhythm/polymeter/polytempo) plays a substantial role. We have already collected a number of representative examples from secondary sources (journal articles and monographs) and are now starting to collect examples from repertoires that have not received as much scholarly attention, focusing on the period from 1950 onward.

If you have any repertoire suggestions, transcriptions, and/or recordings of music where the use of multi-temporality is clearly apparent, please send them to multitemporality@xxxxxxxxx with a short description. All original contributions will be appropriately acknowledged. A short description of the research project is available on request. Once the project is completed, we are planning to make these examples and related materials available online for further research and pedagogical purposes.

Best regards,

Ãve Poudrier

Ãve Poudrier
Assistant Professor, Music Theory
Yale University, Department of Music
469 College Street, 301
New Haven, CT 06511
(203) 432-2995