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Re: [AUDITORY] Calculating AI or STI or SII

You can find the MatLab scripts (with the second function call format you mentioned below) for all these measures in the CD included with Philip Loizou's Book:

Speech Enhancement: Theory and Practice, Second Edition



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Subject: [AUDITORY] Calculating AI or STI or SII

I am looking for Matlab scripts that make it easy to do calculations for (just about) any kind of measure of speech intelligibility because at the moment I am primarily interested in the effects of the masker spectrum. I am aware of the scripts at

http://www.sii.to/ but there is nothing easy about using them in the sense that  you need to enter the levels of the speech and noise in various bands and I don't see why all these calculations cannot be implemented in one easy-to-use package.

Ideally, one would simply call the script with some combination of:

1) the target speech in quiet,  the masker on its own, and an SNR


2) the target speech on its own, and the target + masker in whatever SNR was desired.

Any help gratefully received!

Yours - Stuart


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