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[AUDITORY] Call for Papers - 4th International Workshop on Interactive Sonification (ISon 2013)

(Apologies for cross-posting)

Dear all,

We would like to announce the following event:

ISon 2013 Call for Papers

4th International Workshop on Interactive Sonification (ISon 2013) 
10th of December 2013 (with a satellite Hack-day event on the 9th)
Fraunhofer IIS, Erlangen, Germany

1-page abstract deadline: July 26th 2013.

The ISon 2013 meeting is the 4th International workshop on Interactive Sonification, following the initial ISon 2004 workshop held in Bielefeld and the previous ISon 2007 workshop in York and ISon 2010 workshop in Stockholm

Besides a web publication we plan to also publish a special journal issue, as in the 1st ISon and 3rd ISon meetings, see IEEE Multimedia Special Issue on Interactive Sonification, and Springer Journal on Multimodal User Interfaces.

Call for Papers

Interactive Sonification is the specialized research topic concerned with the use of sound to portray data, but where there is a person at the heart of an interactive control loop. This workshop encourages submissions for oral or poster presentations that deal with:
* interfaces between humans and auditory displays,
* new platforms for Interactive Sonification,
* reproducible research in Interactive Sonification,
* mapping strategies and models for creating coherency between action and reaction (e.g., acoustic feedback, but also combined with haptic or visual feedback),
* perceptual aspects of the display (how to relate actions and sound, e.g., cross-modal effects, importance of synchronization),
* applications of Interactive Sonification,
* evaluation of performance, usability and multi-modal interactive systems including auditory feedback,
* sonification for data analysis and mining,
* computational models of sonification,
* practical systems and working prototypes.
* frameworks for the formal evaluation and the statistical analysis and comparison of Interactive Sonification systems
* Signal and audio processing algorithms for audio synthesis


We invite two forms of presentation:
* Full Papers: 20 minutes presentation (15+5), papers in PDF format 4-8 pages.
* Posters: papers in PDF format 4–8 pages, ideally including a demonstration.


ISon 2013 will feature an illustrated talk on "The Interface Revolution: Interactive Sonification in the era of Pervasive Computing”, presented by Andy Hunt of the University of York.

Satellite Events

There are several satellite events in connection to this workshop:
* A visit to the famous Christmas market of Nürnberg:
* A Hackday on Interactive Sonification for navigation in virtual spaces that takes place on the 9th of December 2013.
* A social dinner that takes place on the 10th of December 2013 (location to be decided).
* A Guided tour to the installations of Fraunhofer IIS, the home of MP3, that takes place on the 9th of December 2013:

Paper Submission

As in previous ISon workshops, the paper submission process is as follows. First, authors submit a 1-page extended abstract that is reviewed by the organizing committee. Then, the organizing committee selects the most relevant abstracts and notifies authors of their eligibility for full paper submission (4 to 8 pages). Please note that the eligibility for submission is not a guarantee that the paper will be published. Finally, to guarantee a high quality of contribution, full papers go through a double-blinded review process. 


Early registration, before November 10th 2013:
* 80€ non-student and student registrations.

Late registration, after November 10th 2013:
* 90€ non-student and student registrations.

Important Dates

* Extended abstract deadline: July 26th 2013.
* Notification of eligibility for submission: August 2nd 2013.
* Full paper submission deadline: October 1st 2013.
* Notification of acceptance: October 18th 2013.
* Deadline for camera-ready papers: November 15th 2013.
* Deadline for registration: November 15th 2013.
* Satellite event: December 9th 2013.
* ISon 2013 workshop: December 10th 2013.

Organizing Committee

Norberto Degara, Fraunhofer IIS
Thomas Hermann, Bielefeld University
Andy Hunt, University of York

For more information please visit:

Best regards,

Norberto Degara

Norberto Degara, Ph.D.
Emerging Audio Research (EAR) - Audio Department
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