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[AUDITORY] PhD Funding in "Serious Auralisations" : France

The Sound & Space research team at LIMSI-CNRS (Orsay, France) has PhD funding for a research project concerning Historical Auralisations of Room Acoustics.  


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Subject: “Serious auralization”: Study of the creation and use of Architectural Auralizations (virtual audio reality architecture) for Archeological and Historical research. Methods and implementations for creating scientific calibrated simulations.


Starting date: From Sep-2013 to Jan-2014


Abstract: For decades numerical simulations of room acoustic phenomena have been developed and are now rather prolific in the Architectural Acoustics community. These tools are often used by consulting firms for predicting acoustic properties of new constructions. Some research projects have used these numerical simulations to recreate historical buildings in virtual reality presentations. These virtual reconstructions are mostly used for project publicity or public presentations. They are rarely used as part of scientific study by historians. The goal of this project is to examine the use of virtual acoustic architectural reconstructions as a scientific tool. Methods for creating calibrated models, implementing multidisciplinary requirements, and use evaluations are part of this study. The goal is to provide a sort of “acoustic viewfinder” towards the past. As a test case, this work will consider performance spaces, such as theatres, and their evolution in design over the past century.


Host Research Group: The Sound & Space research team, part of the Audio & Acoustics group at the LIMSI-CNRS, is active in the research fields of Spatial Hearing, Room Acoustics, and Virtual Reality and Audio Interfaces. Research domains include perceptual studies, perception and psychoacoustics, as well as technological development and prototype applications. Current works cover binaural technology, Ambisonics, and Wave-Field Synthesis. These technologies have been applied to various domains of research including spatial cognition, eyes-free guidance, multimodal interfaces, architectural auralizations, and room acoustics.


Additional details: http://www.limsi.fr/Formation/prop_these/PhD_position_SeriousAuralization_LIMSI2013.pdf


Application process: Candidates should provide a letter of motivation presenting their pervious works and relevant interests with regards to the project. Applications should also include a CV, 2 letters of reference, and contact information for 3 references. Incomplete applications will not be treated.


While proficiency in French is not a requirement, for non-French speaking candidates a willingness and enthusiasm to learn is of course a benefit. Some language course funding is available. There is no nationality requirement but selected candidates will need to pass a national security check for admittance to the laboratory.


Complete applications, and any questions, should be addressed to Brian FG Katz, head of the Sound & Space team (http://perso.limsi.fr/Individu/katz/) at brian.katz@xxxxxxxx.


Brian FG Katz, Ph.D, HDR

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