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[AUDITORY] Call for SMPC 2015 conference hosts

(With apologies for cross-posting...please distribute)

The Society for Music Perception and Cognition (SMPC) plans to host its next biennial conference in 2015. We are seeking a host for the SMPC 2015 conference and would appreciate proposals from subscribers to the auditory list with interests in music perception and cognition. Hosting such a conference is a great contribution to the field and benefits our entire organization and our international community of scholars.

If you (and your colleagues) are interested in the possibility of hosting the 2015 SMPC conference, please submit answers to the 9 questions below to Peter Pfordresher, SMPC Secretary: pqp@xxxxxxxxxxx

The deadline for submissions is October 1, 2013.

Best regards,

The SMPC Executive Board
- Andrea R. Halpern, president
- J. Devin McAuley, treasurer
- Peter Q. Pfordresher, secretary

SMPC 2015 conference proposal questions:

1. Where is the proposed conference site? Will there be an institutional host (university or other academic institution)?

2. Who will serve as the conference organizer and as active members of the core conference organization committee?

3. What dates do you propose for the conference? (it should fall between mid-July and mid-August, lasting 4 or 5 days)

4. What is the closest readily accessible airport to the conference site? What is the distance from the airport to the conference site and what transportation options are available (please include cost)?

5. Please describe the conference site facilities. How many concurrent streams of presentations do you envision? Will there be fees associated with the use of these facilities?

6. Is catering readily available for an opening reception, snacks during the conference, and a conference banquet? If there is an institutional host, are there limits concerning which caterers are allowed to service events at the conference site?

7. What accommodation possibilities are there in close proximity to the conference site? What is the anticipated cost per night for these accommodations (single/double)? Will there be a low-cost dorm-style option? (past conferences have revealed this to be very important to our attendees) [NOTE: payment for accommodations must be arranged so that individual attendees are responsible for claiming a room from a reserved block prior to a stated deadline; SMPC cannot assume responsibility for providing a deposit or being economically responsible for attendee accommodation costs.]

8. What level of financial support is available from your institution and/or grants from external agencies?

9. Please prepare an estimated conference budget based on your responses to the items above; also, determine a reasonable registration fee (student and non-student) with the goal of having income and expenses balanced. [Note: base this estimate on attendance figures between 150-200 delegates, 30-50% of whom will be students.]