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[AUDITORY] Research Associate position available in the Audiology & Speech Center, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Bethesda, MD (U.S. Citizen)

Research Associate position available in the Audiology & Speech Center,
Reed National Military Medical Center, Bethesda, MD (U.S. Citizen)

We are seeking a Postdoctoral Research Associate to join our auditory and
speech-pathology research team at Walter Reed. This position, funded by
Defense Health Affairs, has been established to help support a broad range
active research areas focused on the Prevention, Assessment and Treatment of
auditory and speech communication disorders in the population of active-duty
and retired service members and their families.

Because our research covers a broad range of areas, from basic to clinical
translational research, the Postdoctoral Research Associate will have the
opportunity to apply and deepen their current knowledge base while also
extending their auditory and speech research portfolio into new areas.  The
diversity of our research efforts will allow substantial flexibility to
the Research Associate's skill set and interests with our research programs.
Ongoing research areas of interest in our group include:

- Cochlear implants, including bimodal users and individuals with
- Fitness for military duty, including the evaluation of the impact of
simulated hearing loss on simulated and real-world activities.
- Psychoacoustic research to evaluate the relationship with basic auditory
function and speech perception in noise by the hearing-impaired.
- Hearing conservation, including the evaluation of the impact of noise
protection and personal communication systems on communication performance.
- Basic studies of speech perception in stationary in fluctuating noise and
auditory-visual conditions, including translational research to investigate
how these tests translate to real-world conditions.
- Spatial hearing, including localization and speech perception in noise,
evaluations how these abilities are impacted by exposure to blasts, hearing
loss, hearing aids and cochlear implants
- Laboratory and field studies of hearing aids.
- Assessment and treatment of tinnitus.
- Evaluating the impact of blast exposure and traumatic brain injury on
auditory and cognitive function

Our research team consists currently of five PIs focused on auditory and
auditory-visual research (Doug Brungart, Josh Bernstein, Ken Grant, Van
Summers and Therese Walden), one PI in speech pathology (Nancy Solomon) and
number of research associates and contractors.  Depending on the match
the candidate's interests and our needs, the Postdoctoral Research Associate
will be supervised by one PI or jointly supervised by two or more PIs.

The most important qualities we are seeking in an individual are:
1)	Strong technical skills (especially in Matlab programming) required
develop, troubleshoot and carry out auditory experiments.
2)	An interest in working on several projects at once covering a range
auditory and speech communication research areas.
3)	Experience with testing human subjects and analyzing psychophysical
speech-reception data.
4)	A demonstrated track record in designing, carrying out and
research in the field of hearing science.
5)	A willingness to engage in the regulatory aspects of research,
writing protocols and interfacing with the IRB.

Experience Required:
Experience in Hearing Science, Computer Science, Physics, Electrical
Engineering, Linguistics or related field.  Background knowledge in several
the following areas is preferred: Experimental design and methods for
involving human subjects; Psychophysics, including the measurement of speech
intelligibility; Signal processing; Statistics; Computational modeling;
Clinical audiology; and/or Computer programming.

Education Required:
A Ph.D. in Hearing Science, Audiology, Computer Science, Physics, Electrical
Engineering or related field is strongly preferred, although individuals
a Masters' degree, strong technical skills and a demonstrated track record
research ability will also be considered.

Time frame:
Funding has been awarded for this position for one (1) year, and there is a
high likelihood of recurring funding in future years. Salary is commensurate
with experience, but is very competitive relative to a typical post-doc
salary.  Walter Reed National Military Medical Center is the flagship of the
United States military health care system.

Citizenship requirement:
Must be a U.S. Citizen.

For further information, or to discuss this position, please contact Dr.
Joshua Bernstein at (301) 319-7040, email: joshua.g.bernstein.civ@xxxxxxxxxx

Joshua G.W. Bernstein, Ph.D.
Research Audiologist

Audiology & Speech Center
Walter Reed National Military Medical Center
Building 19, 5th Floor
8901 Rockville Pike
Bethesda, MD 20889
Tel: (301)319-7040


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