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[AUDITORY] Post-doctoral position with a focus on speech coding in the human brain.

The Department of Applied Neurocognitive Psychology at Oldenburg University, Germany, offers a

Post-doctoral position (salary level E13 TVL, 3 years)

with a focus on signal processing / statistical learning for analysis of speech coding in the human brain. 

The position is linked to the collaborative research center "The Active Auditory System" SFB-TR 31. The research center aims to characterize and model mechanism of auditory object formation and scene analysis by combining psychophysical, neurophysiological, and quantitative modelling. It complements the Excellence Cluster "Hearing 4 All" which was recently awarded to the University of Oldenburg. The combined effort of these centers will establish a strong link between neurophysiological models of auditory object representation and subjective perception.

The post-doctoral position is situated in a project that applies statistical learning methods to human intracranial recordings (ECoG) and fMRI to derive and test quantitative statistical models of speech coding in the human brain. The experiments are performed in a highly interdisciplinary lab environment and in close collaboration with the University of California Berkeley and Stanford University.

The quantitative nature of the research project will require highly motivated candidates with strong quantitative and experimental skills. Successful candidates will perform cutting edge research and should have a background in one or more of the following fields: signal processing, statistical learning, brain-machine-interfacing, non-invasive or invasive human neurophysiology of the auditory system. Applicants must have an academic university degree (Master or equivalent) and a PhD (or equivalent).

Successful candidates will work in an interdisciplinary network with opportunities for international exchange.

The post-doctoral position is initially limited to three years, with an option for extension, and can be split.

Applications should include your CV, a list of most recent publications, two recommendation letters, and a research statement (max. 3 pages). The University of Oldenburg is an equal opportunity employer. To increase the proportion of women and non-disqualifying handicapped, they will be preferred among candidates with equal qualifications.

Please send inquiries and electronic applications per email (preferred) to Professor Dr. Jochem Rieger: Jochem.rieger@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

or paper applications per regular mail to:

Margrit Jung
Dept. of Applied Neurocognitive Psychology
Institute of Psychology
Oldenburg University
26111 Oldenburg

Application deadline is October 6th, 2013.

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Jochem Rieger

Applied Neurocognitive         Knight Lab
Psychology                     Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute
Faculty V                      University of California
Carl-von-Ossietzky University  132 Barker Hall
26111 Oldenburg                Berkeley, CA 94720-3192
Germany                        USA

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