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Re: [AUDITORY] What stimuli for localization task under virtual auditory system?

Dear Nicolas,

If you are interested primarily in spatial hearing (which appears to be the case given that you are planning a localization experiment), it would be reasonable to use directional transfer functions (DTFs) instead of HRTFs. DTFs contain only the directional components of HRTFs and thus do not contain direction-independent, transfer function of the system. The spectrum of DTF-filtered stimuli becomes quite flat, irrespective if you are using pink or white noise. Therefore, if you are using DTFs the choice between the two types of stimuli is not really important.

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vannson nicolas schrieb:
Dear members,

As part of my PhD, I'm currently designing a localization task for single-sided deafness subject using VAS (Virtual Auditory System).  I was wondering what stimuli I should use because  the actual literature is a bit confused with regards to white noise or pink noise being the best.
Any help would be very appreciated.

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