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Re: [AUDITORY] Unanesthetized measurements

Hi Dan, list!

A short comment (personal but also to the community):

A measurement like that (at least for BM motion) would ethically not be acceptable with current technology. And if you think about it I guess it is straight forward to identify the critical issues. Many people do a fantastic job to get the most out the measurements within the ethically acceptable limits (Nigel Cooper, Mario Ruggero...) and we should acknowledge and appreciate that. Many smart people worked on putting up these limits and all of us should keep an eye on these.

Without wanting to insult you, but this question is not really one to be asked, even though the data would be valuable. Think about it and discuss it with a physiologist of your own choice..(I guess you didn't do that yet).



On 09/13/2013 08:27 AM, Derek Burton wrote:
Dear List,

Has anyone made auditory nerve and/or basilar membrane motion measurements in awake, behaving (non-decerebrate) animals?

Thanks for any input,

Derek Burton
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