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[AUDITORY] Call for Papers - WCCI 2014 Special Session "Computational Intelligence Algorithms for Digital Audio Applications"

Dear Colleagues,
For those of you potentially interested, please find attached and below a Call for Participation for a

Special Session on "Computational Intelligence Algorithms for Digital Audio Applications" @ IEEEÂWCCI 2014, Beijing, China, July 6-11 2013.


Computational Intelligence Algorithms for Digital Audio Applications
WCCI 2014 Special Session - Call for Papers

2014 IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence (WCCI 2014) www.ieee-wcci2014.org

Theme and Scope of the Session

Computational Intelligence (CI) is widely used to face complex modelling, prediction, and recognition tasks, and is largely addressed
in different research fields. One of these, characterized by a mature orientation to market for many years already, is
represented by Digital Audio, which finds application in diverse contexts like entertainment, security, and health. Scientists
and technicians worldwide actively cooperate to develop new solutions and propose them for commercial exploitation, and,
from this perspective, the employment of advanced CI techniques, in combination with suitable Digital Signal Processing algorithms,
surely constitutes a plus.

In particular, this is typically accomplished with the aim of extracting and manipulating useful information from the audio
stream to pilot the execution of automatized services, also in an interactive fashion. This often happens in conjunction with data
coming from other media, like textual and visual, for which specific and application-driven fusion techniques are needed (which
also require the involvement of advanced CI algorithms). Several are the Digital Audio topics touched by such a paradigm. In
digital music applications we have music transcription, onset detection, genre recognition, just to name a few. Then, moving to
speech processing, speech/speaker recognition, speaker diarization, and source separation are surely representative subjects
with a florid literature already. Furthermore, auditory scene analysis, acoustic monitoring and sound detection and identification
have lately encountered a certain success in the scientific community and can be thus included in this illustrative list.
In dealing with the problems correlated to these different topics, the adoption of data-driven learning systems is often a
``must''. This is not, however, immune to technological issues. Indeed, big amount of data frequently needs to be managed
and processed, data which features can change over time due to the time-varying characteristics of the audio stream and of the
acoustic environment. Moreover, in many applicative scenarios hard real-time processing constraints must be taken into account.
It is indeed of great interest for the scientific community to understand how and to what extent novel CI techniques can be efficiently
employed in Digital Audio, in the light of all aforementioned aspects. The aim of this session is therefore to offer a CI
oriented look at the large variety of Digital Audio research topics and applications and to discuss the most recent technological
efforts from this perspective.


Intelligent Audio Analysis
Audio Information Retrieval
Music Content Analysis and Understanding
Speech and Speaker Analysis and Classification
Cross-domain Audio Analysis
Sound Detection and Identification
Computational Auditory Scene Analysis
Acoustic Monitoring
Context-aware Audio Source Separation
Intelligent Audio Interfaces

Important Dates

â20 December 2013: Due date for paper submission
â15 March 2014: Notification to authors
â15 April 2014: Camera-ready deadline for accepted papers
â6-11 July 2013: Conference Days


Stefano Squartini
Università Politecnica delle Marche (Italy)

Aurelio Uncini
Università La Sapienza (Italy)

Francesco Piazza
Università Politecnica delle Marche (Italy)

BjÃrn Schuller
Imperial College London (UK), TUM (Germany)

PD Dr.-Ing. habil. 
BjÃrn W. Schuller
Senior Lecturer in Machine Learning 
Department of Computing
Imperial College London
London / UK

Machine Intelligence & Signal Processing Group
Institute for Human-Machine Communication
Technische UniversitÃt MÃnchen
Munich / Germany

audEERING UG (limited)
Gilching / Germany
Visiting Professor
School of Computer Science and Technology
Harbin Institute of Technology
Harbin / P.R. China

Institute for Information and Communication Technologies
Joanneum Research
Graz / Austria

Centre Interfacultaire en Sciences Affectives
Università de GenÃve
Geneva / Switzerland


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