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[AUDITORY] Digital Music Research Network workshop (DMRN+8): 17 December 2013, QMUL

Dear Music & Science people,

The Digital Music Research Network (DMRN+8) will take place in London on 17 December 2013. Should you be interested to submit a contribution to this one-day workshop, please send us abstracts by *15 November 2013*. The abstracts (maximum 1 page of A4) have to be sent by email to: dmrn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thanks for forwarding the information to colleagues and other researchers who may be interested.

Best wishes,

                       *** CALL FOR CONTRIBUTIONS ***

      DMRN+8: Digital Music Research Network 1-Day Workshop 2013

                              Arts One Lecture Theatre
                          Queen Mary University of London

                               17 December 2013
Digital music is an important and fast-moving research area. Sophisticated digital tools for the creation, generation and dissemination of music have established clear synergies between music and leisure industries, the use of technology within art, the creative industries and the creative economy. Digital music research is emerging as a "transdiscipline" across the usual academic boundaries of computer science, electronic engineering and music.

The Digital Music Researh Network (DMRN) aims to promote research in the area of Digital Music, by bringing together researchers from UK universities and industry in electronic engineering, computer science, and music.

                  DMRN will be holding its next 1-day workshop on
                          ** Tuesday 17 December 2013 **

The workshop will include invited and contributed talks, and posters will be on display during the day, including during the lunch and coffee breaks.

The workshop will be an ideal opportunity for networking with other people working in the area. There will also be an opportunity to continue discussions after the Workshop in a nearby Pub/Restaurant.
* Call for Contributions
You are invited to submit a proposal for a talk and/or a poster to be presented at this event.
TALKS may range from the latest research, through research overviews or surveys, to opinion pieces or position statements, particularly those likely to be of interest to an interdisciplinary audience. Most talks will be 20 to 30 minutes, although there may be some flexibility to accommodate other lengths depending on the number of submissions. Short announcements about other items of interest (e.g. future events or other networks) are also welcome.
POSTERS can be on any research topic of interest to the members of the network. Posters (A0 portrait) will be on display through the day, including lunch break and coffee breaks.
The abstracts of presentations will be collated into a digest and distributed on the day, and authors will be encouraged to submit an electronic versions of posters (e.g. in PDF format) to allow the posters to be viewed after the event.
* Submission
Please submit your talk or poster proposal in the form of an abstract (maximum 1 page of A4) in an email to dmrn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx giving the following information about your presentation:
* Authors
* Title
* Abstract
* Preference for talk or poster (or "no preference").
Abstract submission deadline: Friday 15 November 2013.

* Deadlines

* 15 Nov 2013: Abstract submission deadline
* 29 Nov 2013: Notification of acceptance
* 6 Dec 2013: Early Bird Registration deadline 
* 17 Dec 2013: DMRN+8 Workshop

* Keynote Speaker


For further information, visit:

For past events, visit the websites from:

I look forward to seeing you in London in December!

Best wishes,
Panos Kudumakis